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Artist Claiming

♠ Artist Claiming ♠

Art claiming will end February 7, unless there are issues. To claim, reply here with the number of the fic you'd like to claim. If you need more information than what's here, let me know.

#1 - Behind the Poison Door
Fandom: The Raccoons
Characters/pairings: Cyril Sneer, Cedric Sneer, Lloyd, Floyd and Boyd, OCs, Knox, Professor Smedley Smythe, Ralph Raccoon
Rating / warnings: R for violence, implied nastiness and occasional swearing
Summary: When Cyril Sneer finds a book whose predictions come true, he thinks he's going to make a killing. He may be right.
Word count: ~10,900 (100% complete)

#2 - To Dream Unequally [working title]
Fandoms: Disney's Aladdin, Enchanted, Mulan, Sleeping Beauty
Characters/pairings: Aurora/Giselle, Mulan/Shang, Jafar/Jasmine, implied Aladdin/Jasmine, implied Aurora/Philip, Sadira. None of the pairings are very major, however.
Rating: T for violence/dark themes
Warnings: References to non-con (Jafar/Jasmine), imprisonment, violence, gore, character death. Spoilers for all movies crossed over.
Summary: Aurora awoke to a different sort of nightmare. Giselle fell a long way through that magical portal. And Mulan is believed dead or a traitor by the Kingdom that she saved. In each other they have found a sanctuary, and a shared purpose. When news comes of trouble brewing in the land of Agrabah far to the south, they respond as can only seem just, but the darkness runs deeper than it may seem and the danger greater than they could have anticipated.
Word count: ~22,000 (100% complete)

#3 - Revenge is for the Birds
Fandom: Batman: Under the Red Hood
Characters/pairings: Gen; Jason-centric
Rating/warnings: PG-13
Summary: After Jason dies, he comes back to a very different Gotham. One run by a very different kind of Oracle.
Word count: ~13,400 (100% complete)

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