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Created on 2012-01-11 08:53:14 (#1409238), last updated 2012-04-29 (285 weeks ago)

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Name:Cartoon Big Bang
Website:LJ Mirror
Posting Access:Select Members
Community description:Writing & art challenge centered around all cartoons
Cartoon Big Bang
Author Sign-ups .. Artist Sign-ups .. Round 1 .. Rules/FAQ
Cartoon Big Bang is a 10,000-word writing challenge for animated fandoms. The challenges last about six months and involve both writers and artists. For more information on how it works, please see our FAQ. :)

Mod: [personal profile] colorcoded ([ profile] color_coding)
Co-mod: [ profile] cheriestar
• Aug. 10: All sign-ups open
• Oct. 10: First checkpoint; author sign-ups close
• Nov. 10: Second checkpoint
• Jan. 31: Rough drafts (5000+ words!) are DUE; artist claiming begins
• Feb. 29: Artist claiming and sign-up ends; posting begins
• Mar. 31: FINAL DEADLINE (fic and art must both be complete by this date)
[ profile] disney_kink -- Disney Kink Meme!
[ profile] toonfic -- a place where you can freely post fic for Western Animation fandoms
[ profile] the_muppet_meme -- a kink meme for Muppets-related fandoms
[ profile] spbigbang -- a big bang challenge for South Park

If you would like to be added, please see this post.
Layout: Stripes by [ profile] gossymer
Profile: Bright Beauty by [ profile] niewiadoma

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101 dalmatians, adventure time, aladdin, an american tail, anastasia, animaniacs, animated movies, animation, aqua teen hunger force, atlantis: the lost empire, avatar: the last airbender, balto, bambi, barbie movies, batman beyond, batman: the animated series, ben 10, betty boop, big bangs, bionicle, captain planet, cartoon network, cartoons, cats don't dance, chicken run, clone high, code lyoko, codename: kids next door, corpse bride, courage the cowardly dog, danny phantom, daria, darkwing duck, despicable me, dexter's laboratory, disney, don bluth, dreamworks, dumbo, ed edd n' eddy, enchanted, family guy, fanart, fanfic challenges, fanfiction, fantasia, ferngully, finding nemo, foster's home, futurama, g.i. joe, garfield and friends, gargoyles, grim adventures, hanna-barbera, happy feet, httyd, hunchback of notre dame, ice age, invader zim, jackie chan adventures, jimmy neutron, johnny bravo, jonny quest, justice league, kim possible, kung fu panda, land before time, lilo & stitch, lion king, little nemo, looney tunes, marvelous misadventures of flapjack, megamind, mickey mouse, monsters vs. aliens, mulan, my little pony, nickelodeon, nightmare before christmas, osmosis jones, phineas and ferb, pinky and the brain, pinocchio, pirates of dark water, pixar, popeye, powerpuff girls, prince of egypt, princess and the goblin, quest for camelot, rango, ratatouille, reboot, road to el dorado, rugrats, samurai jack, scooby doo, secret of nimh, shrek, sinbad, snow white, south park, spider-man, spongebob squarepants, srmthg, star wars: clone wars, static shock, strawberry shortcake, stripperella, swan princess, swat kats, tangled, teen titans, teenage mutant ninja turtles, the fairly oddparents, the flintstones, the great mouse detective, the incredibles, the iron giant, the king and i, the last unicorn, the little mermaid, the rescuers, the simpsons, thief and the cobbler, thumbelina, thundercats, time squad, tinker bell, titan a.e., total drama island, toy story, transformers, treasure planet, triplets of belleville, up, veggietales, venture bros., wallace and gromit, watership down, who framed roger rabbit, winnie the pooh, winx club, wonder woman, x-men evolution, xiaolin showdown
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